Silent battle for serving deaf people in Sweden - episode 2

In June 2011 two consortiums submitted bids for the renewal of the Video relay services in Sweden. The contract duration was 5 years with a budget of around € 12M.
Three private companies: Verbaldigitalius, Omnitor and IVèS, formed one of the consortium.
The Orebro region and the private company NWise formed the second consortium.


A region in competition with private companies for a national competitive bidding!


Verbaldigitalius initially won the tender before it was reassigned to Orebro region. We had at that time issued a press release denouncing this situation.

After many unexpected developpement and thanks to the work of DNV foundation (Den Nya Välfärden) which works for the respect of commercial competition rules, the Karlstad administrative court canceled the tender decision for Orebro region. A region cannot be engaged in activities for persons outside the region.

Orebro region has until May 15 to appeal. Meanwhile the Orebro region continues to be paid € 3.50 (29.87 SEK) per minute of call ...


- DNV press release

- A news article about court of law decision