1.1 million € raised from IMPACT partenaires

Montbonnot, October 2, 2017–IVèS raises 1.1 million euro from IMPACT partenaires


IVèS raises 1.1 million euro from IMPACT partenaires to speed-up the commercialization of its video relay services for deaf and hard of hearing people, particularly abroad.

 Juliette Both, Didier Chabanol, Pascal Dupuy, Abderzac Sifer


Pascal Dupuy (IVèS), Abderzak Sifer (Impact), Didier Chabanol (IVèS), Juliette Both (Impact)


There are 62 million deaf and hard of hearing people in OECD countries, among which 9% suffer from serious deafness. In France, 91 000 people are potential users of the next Telephone Relay Center. The device allows the deaf to talk with hearing people regardless of the distance thanks to an interpreter.


In 2006, 3 telecom engineers, Pascal Dupuy, Didier Chabanol and Emmanuel Buu, founded IVèS : « Intéractivité Vidéo et Systèmes ». IVèS develops and commercializes a software for Telephone Relay Centers that allows total conversation : audio, video and text. « It is the phone for deaf people », explains Didier Chabanol. More suitable than Skype, this software gives priority to the image rather than the sound, even with a low bit internet.


In 2016, IVèS’ solution has already allowed more than 6000 deaf people to converse with hearing people. Today, it represents about 26 000 calls a month. The company aims at delivering the service to more than 20 000 deaf people by 2021.


After conquering the Canadian market of Telephone Relay Center, IVèS successfully established itself in Israel and Saudi Arabia. The company focuses now on a tender process concerning the Telephone Relay Center for the universal service in France, in partnership with Elioz which is the French leading company of video remote interpreting and video relay services in French Sign Language. Moreover, since May 9th, 2017, access to phone services for disabled people is compulsory in France. IVèS also targets other markets such as Eastern Europe.


Transméa, as a regional investor dedicated to business take overs by employees, funded and helped IVèS in its 2012 first development step. This support helped the company to win its first contract abroad. This new operation advised by Adicial allows IMPACT partenaires to pursue a new development step. The operation aims at building up a strong team to ensure the roll-out of IVèS solution. As a matter of fact, the number of deaf consultants performing the customer support is meant to increase three folds.


According to Meryem Yilmaz, development Director at Transméa : « Because IVèS’ founders chose to open their capital to employees, Transméa wanted to be part of the story. At that time Transméa was the only fund willing to take up the risk. After 5 years work, we thought it was important IVèS take up its new challenges with a new partner. The success of our first steps together and the new guidance of IMPACT partenaires holds the promise of a very bright future. »


To Abderzak Sifer, Associate at IMPACT partenaires : « One could not live without a telephone. To keep in touch with one’s relatives, to work. Nevertheless, distant conversation is not as obvious as it might seem for everyone. IMPACT partenaires is lucky to work with IVèS to deliver a pioneer, ergonomic and reliable solution that makes a phone call as easy for the deaf and hard of hearing as for the others. »



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IMPACT partenaires is an impact investing management company which supports entrepreneurs generating remarkable social impacts (occupational integration, disability, youth), particularly in urban deprived areas. IMPACT partenaires supports entrepreneurs who want to scale-up (€0,1m to €4m equity) and those who want to open a franchise shop in a deprived neighborhood (€50k to €500k quasi-equity).




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