djanah™ 2 upgrade available

Crolles, December 17, 2014– IVèS, Interactivity Video and Systems, a technology provider in the field of interactive video, audio, tchat services, today announced a major software upgrade for djanah™. djanah™ is a powerfull Total Conversation platform meant for Telecommunications Relay Platform, eHealth and Industry.


djanah is available on iOS Android Windows Mac


djanah™ is available in three offers: cloud-based, hybrid and on premises, according to customers needs. It's also fully rebrandable through OEM option.

djanah™ already have the most advanced web browser based softphone in the world, and now IVèS is enhancing its mobile applications on iOS and Android.

djanah™ enables for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, communication with hearing person through any device. Version 2 brings new features such as communication service for deafBlind, Speech Impaired and Aphasic.

«Video Relay Service», «Video Remote Interpreting» and now «Web Captioned Telephone», «Aphasia iconic communication» are all making djanah™ even more inclusive.


«Inclusion is a leading value for our djanah™ total conversation cloud. We are very proud that Deaf Blind, Speech Impaired and Aphasic users are now being able to communicate through our platform.” said Didier Chabanol, IVèS's General Manager.

djanah is now available for aphasic and speech impaired





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