Interactivity Video and Systems is an innovative company specialised in developping total conversation services.

IVèS stands for Interactivity Video and Systems. Our company develops, integrates and deploys innovative services since 2006 in the fields of e-health, videoconferencing and relay centers for the deaf and hard of hearing people. The platform developed by IVèS integrates the latest multimedia communication technologies and standards (audio, video and text) named total conversation. The headquarters is located in Montbonnot Saint Martin (France) and a subsidiary in Montreal (Canada) IVèS inc. manages projects in North America.
IVèS is present in Europe, North America and Asia mainly OEM (white label) for partners that sell services based on IVèS technologies.


Company highlights :

  • IVèS delivers solutions since 2006
  • Strong emphasis on innovation and Total Conversation services
  • Daily interoperability testing with IP telephony industry leaders
  • 15+ years experience in software and telecom systems engineering
  • A Canadian subsidiary based on Montreal (IVèS inc.) 
  • Distribution channels in Europe and the Americas



Solutions highlights :

  • Turnkey VRI/VRS infrastructure in France, UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Swizerland, USA, Japan, Sweden
  • Open peering strategy with operators  
  • Interoperability with a lot of video devices (3g, SIP, flash, h323, skype...) 
  • Support for Voice, Video and Real time text
  • Central purchasing / provisioning system for videophone
  • Multilingual solution
  • Private labeling and customized solution
  • Our philosophy here at IVèS inc. is to work with you as a strategic partner not just as another vendor.
  • IVèS France is an SAS with a registered capital of 77550 euros (RCS Grenoble 491 370 995) and its susidiary IVèS inc. Canada is a Quebec company (NEQ 1166352980)