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Companies and government agencies want to reduce their employees travels, save time, improve teams efficiency, ease collaboration, approach customers without moving, provide expertise remotely.








meeting rooms equipped with dedicated terminals with flat screens and motorized cameras can connect multiple sites together. These high-end solutions provide High Definition (HD) video and high quality of sound with adapted microphones and speakers. To enjoy HD quality it is often necessary to adapt the network to route the HD video streams (between 512k and 2MB).



allows with equipment such as PC, Mac, mobile, tablet, videophone or phone to do a conference over the Internet.






Video contact center:

Company's customers can video call agents through the contact center. Users can call from a mobile phone or a website and benefit from the expertise of remote agents.






IVèS solution value added

IVèS brings your organization with a turnkey multimedia communication solution, customizable and compliant with market standards. Two business models are proposed, either SaaS (Software as a Service) or on-premises (on your network).

IVèS has developed a scalable and interoperable infrastructure to handle audio, video and text calls. It includes web conferencing, video conferencing, video contact center, video surveillance and ip video door.
Users can call using the most appropriate devices: videophones, video conferencing equipment, website, third party software, mobile phone, tablet, phone audio classic. They choose the videophone they want from a wide list of approved devices. The administrator can manage services through a dedicated web portal.

IVèS integrates all the necessary features for each user profile: customers, staff, administrators and managers.

Features: peer to peer call, advanced call routing, video calls H.320 (IP / ISDN), Gatekeeper h323, h323 to SIP gateway, directory and CODECS management, Statistics, service monitoring, HD / SD Videoconference (MCU), conference booking, video conference recording, web conferencing, videoconference / webconference bridge, Third party application integration (SDK), audio conference, Webphone (PC and Mac) Mobile and tablet video app on Android iphone and ipad, Video call Center, video Messaging, web Invitation by mail.