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eHealth solutions



Telemedicine meets society changing needs for health-care. It aims to reduce inequalities in access to care, particularly for users living in isolated areas, to respond to population aging and to leaverage the skills of qualified health professional that are not located close to the patients.




eHealth solutions must enable on distance to:

  • make a diagnosis
  • follow up a risk patient in the prevention or therapeutic post monitoring
  • remotely contact a medical expert
  • monitor patients status
  • provide collaboration tools (video conferencing, web conferencing) for medical staff




IVèS ehealth solution is fully software. It offers maximum flexibility for deployment and hosting thanks to virtualization. The infrastructure can be easily deployed in a higly secured datacenter (virtualization, authentication, replication and backup).
Each virtual server has an instance with sufficient CPU, memory and bandwidth resources. This flexible solution meets health care system financial constraints thanks to the integration of opensource modules.
The interoperability between telemedicine tools and HD videoconferencing is ensured by IVèS engineering.



IVèS eHealth value added

A convergent platform for web conferencing, video conferencing, video contact center and telemedicine.
Interoperability with existing video conferencing CODECs: Polycom, Cisco, Tandberg, Vidyo, Lifesize ...
Simplified integration with workflow software.
IVèS provides your organization a multimedia communication turnkey solution, customizable and compliant with market standards.