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Solutions for deaf and hard of hearing

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Deaf or hard of hearing people experience difficulties during their life in daily communication with hearing people. How to make or receive a phone call? Participate in a professional meeting? Access to public services (City hall, Hostpital, ...) for their paperwork? Call an emergency number (911, ...) in case of an accident?

Deaf and hard of hearing communicate either in writing or sign language. The illiteracy rate of the Deaf varies from 60% to 80%, some are mute and others speak, therefore a complete communications solution must include audio, video and text.




IVèS solutions are designed for organizations dedicated to the deaf and hard of hearing: Public-safety answering point (PSAP), interpreters agencies, text captioning agencies or velotypists.


To fit the needs of communication for deaf and hard of hearing users IVèS has developed innovative solutions for Video Relay Services (VRS) and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI). In both cases, the service enables a deaf or hard of hearing user to contact an interpreter or captioner via PC, Mac, mobile, tablet or videophone.




Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) allows remote translation of a conversation between deaf and hearing users located in the same place.




Video Relay Services (VRS) enable remote users to request a deaf interpreter or captioner to call a phone number (landline, mobile, premium rate number, ...). Deaf user can also receive calls thanks to a personnal phone number..


VRS / VRI value added :


picto-serenitySerenity :

You will benefit from our technical expertise. We design, develop, host and support a turnkey solution for you. You focus on your core business without worrying about the technical aspects. You can join videophone bulk orders.


picto interoperabilityInteroperability :

A wide range of terminals have been certified on our infrastructure : Softphone, Hardphone, Webphone, 3G mobile, Videoconference, IP video cameras.


picto-connectivityConnectivity :

Our philosophy is to connect our infrastructure to the other VRS/VRI operators worldwide. It allows users to call each other freely regardless their subscribed operator.


picto-mobilityMobility :

Android, iPhone and iPad application branded with your logo provides a mobile access to your service.


picto-customScalability :

As you grow we upgrade gradually the infrastructure to manage your additional subscribers without cost. The interpreters can handle calls wherever they want from a website. The deployment of a new call centers is very fast.


picto-standardStandard :

The VRI/VRS solution implements market standards to guaranty a compatibility with other systems.


picto-openOpenness :

IVèS integrates and contributes widely to Open Source projects supported by the Internet community.