IVèS platform - flexible, powerful and affordable

Total conversation infrastructure
  • Flexible because IVèS has access to the entire source code of the platform and IVèS engineers have the skills to enhance and customize it.
  • Powerful: IVèS developed independent modules providing innovative features.
  • Affordable through open source components integration such as Asterisk and Kamailio that reduce costs.


Each software component integrated by IVèS can also be used independently according to customer needs:


  • Live Video PluginLive Video Plugin

    SIP softphone easy to integrate on a website and manageable by javascript on PC and Mac compatible (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari).

    app android appel vidéoApp Android

    Android tablet and mobile application (v2.2 min) to make audio, video and real time text call (WiFi, 3G and 4G).

    app iphone ipad appel videoApp iPhone/iPad

    iPhone/iPad tablet and mobile application (v2.2 min) to make audio, video and real time text call (WiFi, 3G and 4G).
  • Centre de contact vidéoVideo / Voice / Text call center

    Audio, Video and text Call center enable multi queue with flexible skills management.

    Messagerie vidéoVideo / Voice / Text messaging

    If the user is not available it is possible to leave a voice, video and text message. The message is then available via a videophone, website or email.

    Répondeur vidéo et audio interactifInteractive voice and video responder (IVVR)

    Develop your own interactive service available on all video terminals
  • Visioconference - Multiparty control unit - MCUHosted videoconference (MCU)

    Audio, video and real time text conference bridgeto createvirtual roomsup to8 people (more with on demand configuration).

    djanah V-CUBE meetingHosted webconférence (V-CUBE meeting)

    IVèS partner is V-CUBE meeting. It is a web conferencing solution simple to use and deploy based on flash client.

    Kit de développement logiciel pour connecter une application tierceSoftware Development Kit (SDK)

    Full set of software and guide to let your developpers create and customize the service.
  • Passerelle vidéo flash to SIP - Passerelle vidéo RTMP to SIPRTMP to SIP video gateway

    Connect adobe flash video client on the platform. This feature enable user GUI that do not require plugin installation.

    Passerelle vidéo Skype to SIPSkype to SIP video gateway

    Skype™ counts 850 million subscribers. They can call your device from Skype™ with your own Skype™ login.

    Passerelle vidéo webRTC to SIPWebRTC to SIP video gateway

    Connect WebRTC video client on the platform. WebRTC is a free, open project that enables web browsers with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities via simple Javascript APIs.

    passerelle h324m h324m to SIP video gateway

    The majority of mobile phones enable video call from a button on the dial pad. It is 3G-h324m call. This gateway allows to manage this type of call.
  • surveillance et statistiquesMonitoring and statistics

    Administrator can check performance with a comprehensive statistical reports and dashboards. Thousands of counters are available for each website, call center, and service.

    Postpayé prépayé facturationPostpaid / Prepaid

    Depending of the business model it is possible to associate a prepaid account to users (recharge and consum credit). If needed it is also possible to generate postpaid billing data for each users.