Montreal, January 6, 2016IVèS is proud and excited to announce that the Canadian Administrator of Video Relay Services (CAV) has selected IVèS to provide and maintain the new Video Relay Service platform for Canada.


Video Relay Service, or VRS, is a basic telecommunications service that will enable Canadians who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) and who use American Sign Language (ASL) or Langue des signes québécoise (LSQ) to communicate with English and French speaking telephone users, respectively.


VRS provides telephone calling for sign language users by allowing them to connect by the Internet-based videoconferencing technology provided by IVèS to a sign language interpreter who provides real-time interpretation of telephone conversations.


CAV estimates there are 15,000 deaf users across 10 provinces, 3 territories and 6 time zones.  The Canadian VRS system is a major project in this sector as the user group will be among the largest in the world.

IVèS is based in Crolles, France and has their Canadian headquarters is in Montreal.

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