Side by Side ... follow up

I was surprised by the publication and the number of reactions of what was a simple technical article. It convinced us to share more broadly the technical issues and solutions that we encounter on this blog in the future. In the meantime, I would like to comment on the comments.
Some people wrote "This guy is clueless about Microsoft. It is written that the needed DLLs must be shipped with the C++ application.".
Maybe we should be more explicit about our application: this is a Web plugin. It needs to be installed fairly automatically. So we cannot ask every user to run vcredist.exe on his PC. What if you needed to do that to install Flash ! And we did try a number of things:

  • We tried to ship the DLL as a private assembly. It would not work because of the strange conflict mentionned in the previous post.
  • We tried full static linking. Our plugin GUI because strangely unresponsive and slow.

Some others said "It's a non-story"
It is. Otherwise it would not have caused so much reaction and Ted and others would not have patiently proposed some solutions. Why is there NO article on MSDN on this topic?

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