Skype founders may bring skype to stop by revoking technology licence

Slashdot has an astonising new about Skype:
It appears that when Skype was bought by eBay from the small amount of 2.8 billions USD, the intellectual property of the peer to peer core technology behind skype has not been transferred but there has been a simple licence agreement between eBay and Skype founders Niklas Zennstrom an Janus Friis
The fact is that Skype founders are threatening to revoke this licence with a small consequence: it may force ebay to stop Skype. How could eBay executive shed 2.8 B$ and not have at least shared intellectual property on the technology?
Some people analyze the situation as follow. The skype founders started another project with Joost and it was not successful. They tried to buy skype back at a much lower price. This last move has been seen as a way to make it happend.


There are two lessons to be drawn from this story

  • use open protocols in telephony.
  • if you buy a company for a good price, buy it ALL.

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